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If your school works hard on motivating your students and informing them about their future professions in a natural and friendly way, we are here to cooperate!

Make the most of your time in Barcelona with your students and visit the city with a local professional Engineer or Architect who would inspire them while explaining about his/her experience, about great buildings: how they were built, who built them and why, the social component of engineering, the problems that were solved thanks to it, etc. Of course, always in an adapted language and open channel but in direct touch with our profession.

Did you know that Romans had pressured water at home in Barcino? Why the streets of Barcelona were designed in a grid? Why the Gothic Corner is so different? How do engineers get used to solve a dozen of problems every day at work? Why does an engineer choice to be work in construction, design, etc.? What is the social component of our profession? Things like these are explained in our route so that students get inspired.

Of course, the visit and speech are adapted to their age so that their attention naturally is captured and gives a fun, entertaining and witty view of the technical professions, but offering a direct contact with the reality of the profession.



Are you a Business Traveler visiting our city, with just a few spare time between meetings but eager to enjoy your time in Barcelona? Or it is not your first time here and you would like a different insight. In addition, you love high quality, you are curious and you don’t have time to waste surfing internet thru the broad touristic offer in the city. Then, you have to meet us!

Our Techlover guide would be your local friend while you are in the city, he/she would tell you about the evolution of the city while walking or drinking coffee in a terrace. You can previously send your wish list of what you are more interested in, we can provide you some ideas, too.

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Customized tours and Formative Sessions

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About Us

Customized Tours

We offer customized tours adapted to any need. We select points with special technical interest in your route, offering you the expertise and knowledge of our guides. We also know quality places to eat, have a drink... out of the crowded touristic places.

Formative Sessions

Apart from our guides, we offer formative sessions of specific points of interest in our town or engineering subjects, such us Railway construction, water management, street urbanization, smart city technologies..

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