Raildorad history of barcelona

On the road:
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Route Length: 1 km
  • Kind: On foot
  • Handicapped: Easy
  • Meeting Point:Estació de França


Enjoy an amazing afternoon discovering the ins and outs of the RAILWAY HISTORY OF BARCELONA. We well talk about many frequently unanswered questions in A FRIENDLY AND INTERACTIVE WAY for all type of curious people like you…and like us!.

  • …are there two rail gauges in Barcelona?
  • …does the High Speed Railway pass right next to the Sagrada Familia Cathedral?
  • …is Barcelona going to have two High Speed Stations?
  • …is Francia Station a monumental railway station with curved track sections?
  • …has Metro Line 1 a different rail gauge than the other metro lines in the city?
  • …has La Sagrera Station been chosen to become the largest train station of the city?
  • …does the Commuter train network (Rodalies) need the new La Sagrera Station as well?
  • Time 2 hours
  • Route Length: 1 km
  • Type: On foot
  • Handicapped: Easy
  • Useful Tips Más info
  • Meeting Point: Estació de França

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